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A story of passion and creativity





We have been purchasing and renovating properties since 2011 under our company name Ruby Renovations Ltd.  We love renovating houses and always set the highest standards to achieve an excellent quality finish. With each acquisition we research the specific period, investigate architectural and interior styles, décor etc and ensure that we restore each home to its former glory. Our main passion is converting a property back to its original state revealing its beautiful character and period features. 

During the time we have been renovating houses we have also enjoyed learning new skills and took to restoring old furniture, fireplaces etc.  We began attending courses on specialist painting techniques, decoupaging, re-upholstering, gilding, aging and waxing and lampshade making.  Then in our spare time we started furniture restoration and what started as an enjoyable interest became another passion. Just like with each property we began to enjoy restoring a variety of pieces of furniture with different paints, fabric and brought them back to life.


HOME AT 96 &


Our latest property, 96 Sheep Street a 300-year-old town property purchased in 2019 has been our biggest challenge yet! On entering the property for the first time we saw a large bell hung across the doorway and had the best feeling ever and immediately we were hooked and purchased it that day! The interior had been decorated and extended during the 1970s and most of the property’s original features were hidden. In October 2019 we set about converting the property exposing the most wonderful stone walls and fireplace and beautiful oak beams. We also rebuilt and extended the house on two floors at the rear. We have now created a ground floor shop which we have called Home At 96 and a stylish boutique apartment on the upper two floors named Home Above 96.

So we are now the proud owners of a unique gift and painted furniture shop which was officially opened on August 1st 2020 by the Mayor of Bicester, Jason Slaymaker. So, did seeing that bell on first entering the property signal to us that we would like to have a shop to sell our painted furniture? We think so….either that or watching too many episodes of Mr Benn as a child influenced our decision! Either way we hope you will come and support us, we offer a bespoke, personalised service with hopefully a little something to suit almost everyone.

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